Our love is all about how well we’ve known each other. The indication is respect. I see the world in his frustrations that kept us apart but I see eternity in his eyes, the home of love that forgets and remembers but knows no time, where love awaits halfway in one end without a throb, the love that lived again but knows no death. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me, my exceptional one, my pride and destiny, the truth about me. I give this man an honor of love, the love that cannot be found in his days, the love that can open the heaven’s gate.



In the year 2008, a young man and woman met in the chatroom. After two months of consistent chat, they met in real. When they separated after 11 days spent together, things turned upside down. Jason became unfortunate in life while Stella became successful. For five years being apart, updating each other’s life was not simply to keep in touch. They figured out the remarkable events that synchronize them in their great distance. How their two separate lives connect is the mystery they both had tried to untangle as logical as possible. They perceived that their bond messes up their freedom to live the way they want. By all odds, Jason ultimately affirmed that he needs to fight for one thing that makes him happy, and that is to be with Stella. In the middle of the preparation of reuniting with her, Jason died. Two years had passed and no groom had showed up to fulfill his promise. Instead of dwelling in agony, Stella pursued searching for answers about their mysterious bond. The intellectual pursuit opened up a constant spiritual communication with Jason who continues to show his love beyond the grave. The book, Our Lives Are Connected was finished on their anniversary on May 2017.

What is life then and what was the bond about, now that Jason is gone and the book is finished? Our Lives Are Connected had prepared Stella for her beloved’s death. In fact when she learned, she gave it another year to rewrite the book to see how every word would take her to an understanding and unto discovering the purpose. When the project was done, she experienced many surprises. She could sense Jason’s spirit all around and she acquired a beach property. Her spiritual interaction with Jason is explained scientifically with Optical Quantum Cavity in her upcoming book, Between Light and Breath. It contains reincarnation and a shared-life-after-death experience. Jason’s life is being continued and extended through his beloved, Stella. The purpose of all of this is a lifetime journey to the next.