Our love is all about how well we’ve known each other. The indication is respect. How he kept me safe in his heart is what he is, that I am the one. I see the world in his frustrations that kept us apart but I see eternity in his eyes, the home of love that forgets and remembers but knows no time, where love awaits halfway in one end without a throb, the love that lived again but knows no death. I remain giving him honor and respect because of the love and the knowing why I do and I am proud that I never ever thought that he is unfit. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me, my exceptional one, my pride and destiny, the truth about me. When dreams are gone, hope becomes everything. I give this man an honor of love, the love that cannot be found in his days, the love that can open the heaven’s gate.


About the Authors

Stella enjoys a provincial life in a beautiful island region of Negros Oriental located in the central part of the Philippines. She loves hill-hiking with the love of her life, Jason, a former U.S. Air Force army and author of Our Lives Are Connected. Loving nature so much, this traditional couple loves photography, gardening, and strolling while listening to music. They barely watch TV and no gadgets when together! Having known each other for 5 years, their dream had always been to start a life together in Negros and drive around the mountains. Jason’s hobbies include repairing cars and computers, and go scuba diving. Stella’s passion for knowledge about religion and nature has embarked her to pursue Metaphysics, and Jason had taught her so much.



(April 2, 2017)


How is your relationship with Jason at present?

Nothing has changed. For almost 10 years now, I wake up each day refreshed of everything about us. But I think it’s best to read, Our Lives Are Connected.

Is the book, Our Lives Are Connected a memoir about you and Jason?

From the reader’s point of view, I don’t think they will consider it a biography or a typical memoir. From me as a reader and the co-author, it is a memoir as every detail described or illustrated in Science, in Theology remind me of us.

What kind of book is it then?

Simply consider it an illustrative story about the particle world, about time that emphasizes destiny, determinism, and even your will to achieve something, about the universe that embodies the authority of God’s law all illustrated through a story of an intimate bond and friendship of a simple man and woman who met and fell in love. So, the interesting part also is that, the story being employed to illustrate the nature of soul being compared with the nature of quanta is not fiction, it is real and true-to-life.

Are you and Jason really excellent in Physics or Math?

Not at all. I consider it a miracle that we’re able to express ourselves in Math as if it was the only way. Although the book is not Math, it’s Metaphysics. After all, Physics is a continuous learning- its laws can change every month depending on new discoveries coming out although the latter remains valid as a basis or support.

Are you religious?

I have become a true Christian when I studied the Philosophy of the Bible for this book project as I learned how substantial the Bible is even in academics.

Did you ever want to become a writer?

Yes, but normally I got rejected. In fact I realized that writing is not for me, until Jason and I wrote together. He fulfilled that dream but after finishing Our Lives, I began to focus on other things, things that Jason loves: business and nature-tripping.