Our view of relationship, love, and spirituality which are presumably immaterial is commonly measured through scales- the way he moves, the way he looks to someone in the eye when talking, the way he breathed and sighed, or why he didn’t give any present last Christmas. This measurement is like a standard of faith that is being based on religion, like, the man was obligated to say yes without knowing the real score.

You might have only known “twin souls” based on what you find on the internet but actually being twin souls are more than just being soul mates. Twin soul, like the Chinese algorithm of I-Ching adopted by Liebniz, is not only like that algorithm but the algorithm itself, it’s a philosophical and mathematical paradigm that stemmed from Jewish and Greek psyches.

Twin souls epitomize the head-and-tail sortation of I Ching in the dynamics of Yin and Yang or masculine and feminine dynamics. The disparity of this union must not be confused and amalgamated because the purpose is to contrive balance as restoration and transformation towards the original point, the symmetry of marital union.

The creation of Adam and Eve emphasizes the down side of perfection which is the solitary embodiment of beauty. God thought that Adam would need a helpmate and one reason could be for Adam to get a clear perception, a distinction of himself through an opposite side of him, a counterpart, in the form of a woman. That’s not all, if Adam could have the will to decide, and he chooses the opposite direction, he must be detached from himself too so he could perceive the will of God versus his will.

Symmetry, the most powerful tool that describes the formation of life, is a phase and direction that merges two or more compatible states towards a new, full system in a way that my state and your state will share some of its properties. Directed in angular momentum, the metamorphosis of transformation follows a rotational symmetry. Painful but unbroken, the bending and turning are ultimately gratifying. In 1928, Paul Dirac had successfully predicted that in every regular particle, there is an antiparticle partner. Amazingly, it was the first theory to account fully for Einstein’s Special relativity in the context of Quantum Mechanics. Dirac Equation relates that a negative electron takes a magnetic spin as it goes together with its positive pair, the positron. CP Symmetry (Charge-Parity) relates this spin that moves in opposite direction being transformed left and right, right and left, while maintaining the axes like mirror reflection. Let’s say, the right side is the positive and the left side is negative.

In algorithms, the theory of Kolmogorov Complexity determines how sophisticated two configurations are in terms of correlation. Imagine two strings or two files in a computer program- the approximated complexity of the two must be close to the complexity of each of their own characteristics. If they are highly sophisticated, they must be correlated, thus, their structure has too much information to offer in terms of constructing a file. If it completely runs in random and can be exploited for compression, then these strings have low sophistication, hence, not very correlated. Kolmogorov Complexity is a compression program that we can use to save or convert an image as a .gif file, jpg file and so on, in videos and music. So far it’s impossible to compute the Kolmogorov complexity but the way to test it is through compression.



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