The Laws of the Mystics or the Laws of God Revealed in the Science of Light?

A kiss to the unreachable reality...

The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp. - Revelation 21:23

Are Science and Religion truly in conflict? Science says, "Light can become matter and matter can become light," and light becomes evident through technology. Light as both a metaphor and reality display too many characteristics, and the nature of light is probed in Science, in the field of Quantum Mechanics. The Bible characterizes "living soul" as how it relates a person as light. We are soul beings and our physical stimuli behave according to what we are as a soul. Since light is a natural resource, the challenge is on how we may relate with its beaming glamour uprooted from the inside.

Our Ultimate Twin Soul Project

Separation is truly a fundamental expediency to determine a connection. A worldview, “action in a distance” is recognized by attraction and repulsion in the field theory of electromagnetism, ameliorated in the birth of Quantum Mechanics. The parameters of Classical EM and QED describe two separate particles interacting even without intermediary force.

Twin souls affect each other across distance. If this sounds like a fairytale, this relationship just appears to be a quasi-representation of coequality in the quantum world relating Einstein’s “spooky action in a distance” that enthralled early scientists and that it stimulated a long-time discourse between the point of locality and non-locality as to whichever that may define the quantum world. This telltale reality has turned into a whimsical theory in all history of Science as it instigated the digital system we enjoy today. Quantum Entanglement had ultimately described it all, which was later on conceived as a device by John Francis Clauser.

How is it possible that two distant entities can affect each other “here and there” even without an intervening medium? Einstein inferred that Quantum Mechanics is not complete, because of the so-called probability. He cited that there must be a hidden variable about the two entangled particles to behave in a manner that protects covert information. Since two separately entangled particles dance together in the rhythm of left and right, it is not appropriate to conclude at some extent that nature is probabilistic just because of uncertainty. Hence, Einstein likened entangled particles with a pair of gloves and stressed that nature is rather deterministic. He devoted last days of his life investigating the mystery of Quantum Entanglement.

You might have only known “twin souls” based on what you find on the internet but actually being twin souls are more than just being soul mates. Twin soul, like the Chinese algorithm of I-Ching adopted by Liebniz, is not only like that algorithm but the algorithm itself, it’s a philosophical and mathematical paradigm that stemmed from Jewish and Greek psyches.

Twin souls epitomize the head-and-tail sortation of I Ching in the dynamics of Yin and Yang or masculine and feminine dynamics. The purpose of the diversity of this union is balance, restoration, and transformation toward the original point of marital union.

The creation of Adam and Eve emphasizes the down side of perfection which is the solitary embodiment of beauty. God thought that Adam would need a helpmate and one reason could be for Adam to get a clear perception, a distinction of himself through an opposite side of him, a counterpart, in the form of a woman. That’s not all, if Adam could have the will to decide, and he chooses the opposite direction, he must be detached from himself too so he could perceive the will of God versus his will.

Symmetry, the most powerful tool that describes the formation of life, is a phase and direction that merges two or more compatible states towards a new, full system in a way that my state and your state will share some of its properties. Painful but unbroken, the bending and turning, the metamorphosis of transformation are ultimately gratifying. In 1928, Paul Dirac had successfully predicted that in every regular particle, there is an antiparticle partner. Dirac Equation relates that a negative electron takes a magnetic spin as it goes together with its positive pair, the positron. CP Symmetry (Charge-Parity) relates this spin that moves in opposite direction being transformed left and right, right and left, while maintaining the axes like mirror reflection.

Our Lives Are Connected

Lest you wonder where love hides in every pain, or why every relationship ends in breakup or death, perhaps your happy ending is "outside" of this world...

You were given a privilege to taste your destiny by a holiday that was blissful and unforgettable ever, but what if the consequence could mean death? If death is a doorway to embracing that destiny forever?



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