You might have wondered how the idea of “twin souls” was developed. According to the mythology of Twin Flames or Twin Souls, souls created as perfect beings were split into two soul – one female, one male. Then some of them were cast upon Earth to be looking for one another and expand their vibration of love in humanity.

In Plato’s Symposium, Aristophanes presented a story about soul mates, that humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces. This is called, “Androgynous”. It is said that these beings threatened to conquer the gods, so Zeus decided to split their individuality as a punishment for their rebellion.

What does the Bible say concerning the ideology or teachings of “twin souls”? “Twin souls” is not a biblical term but our purpose is to signify the biblical context, “the two are united as one”. Twin souls are two souls, but in spirit they are one, an image that signifies marriage and spiritual union. The couple, “Adam and Eve” is one best example, and not only that they were one in spirit, they were also one in body as the Jewish Midrash teaches. When Eve was taken out of Adam’s body, it was one of way of “splitting” them into two bodies as two whole individuals that complement.

It’s undeniable that the trend of our world today is, the denser we become attached, the easier we can get detached. The larger the discovery, the more questions arise that stimulate deeper problems, and as people anticipate a sense of satisfaction, the more they get discontent.

Being one with another in spirit is a fundamental teaching of the Bible that points to a relationship between Christ and His Church or a true Christian’s spiritual commitment to Christ. In Matthew 25 we find the parable of 10 virgins preparing to meet the bridegroom. A true twin soul is a very exclusive relationship that promotes faithfulness. We can’t be one with all or with the majority as there has to have “the one”.

With the book, “Our Lives Are Connected, you’d be surprised to learn some people in the Bible and incidents that characterize the nature of “twin souls”.


TRAGEDY is one word which most writers do not mention concerning soul mates and twin souls. Lest you wonder where love hides in every pain, or why every relationship ends in breakup or death, perhaps your happy ending is “outside” of this world. In 1980s, scientists postulated Superstring which implicates how far life in this universe can go.

We have to understand that marriage here on earth is a precursor of spiritual unions in the highest realm of existence. It’s a great blessing to find an earthly marriage that serves as sanctification that walks you through this life to reach your destiny or eternal reward. But marriage here on earth is corrupted, so we can’t allow that to corrupt our identity as well in a way that blinds us or distracts us from recognizing a true bond that awaits us to find. Twin soul is not a precursor of an earthly marriage, it is a precursor of a spiritual marriage brought forth to this earthly world.