Our view of relationship, love, and spirituality which are presumably immaterial is commonly measured through scales- the way he moves, the way he looks to someone in the eye when talking, the way he breathed and sighed, or why he didn’t give any present last Christmas. This measurement is like a standard of faith that is being based on religion, like he was obligated to say yes without knowing the real score.

From 1600s to 20th century, much-frequented attention was given to the study of heat properties concerning light: “Is light both a wave and a particle?” The ultraviolet light, one phenomenal feature of radioactive resource was a huge puzzle as to why energy remains the same regardless of heat or intensity, something which Classical Physics could not assess. In 1900’s, physicist Max Planck postulated that energy must have come in discrete packets called, quanta.

The famous double-slit interference illustrates how souls are distributed upon earthly life. The query is set to arguments of how a body gets a soul. However, the book, Our Lives Are Connected does not probe the nature of “soul” scientifically, but uses illustrations on how light is defined in Quantum Mechanics. In fact the book heightens the distinction of Theology and Science in a sense of how they complement in defining human existence. It must be understood that Quantum Mechanics does not define consciousness but consciousness may define Quantum Mechanics. As an example, a twin soul connection is described by means of an illustration how interference or wave interactions behave in superposition. Quantum Mechanics emphasizes that wave and particle are not two separate coexisting entities; rather, light is composed of wave and particle as a single bodily form of energy called, quantum.

Planck constant describes the energy of each photon (or quantum as a single unit of photons) in terms of frequency. From Einstein’s formula E=hv, it shows that the intensity of light does not increase the energy of its photons, but only increases the number of photons emitted.

As allegory, twin souls could not “move on” after they separate. It seems that their love remains as it doesn’t diminish albeit time and distance. The same situation happens in the life of an electron inside an atom. If you energize an atom, electrons move to higher orbitals. The picture shows that “moving on” is not about “moving out”, but jumping into a new phase. Hund’s rule calls this, the Quantum Leap. Based on this phenomenon, quantum leap is one thing that makes a twin soul relationship technically difficult as they catch up emotionally and spiritually on their saturating connection, apart.