9 laws of Quantum Mechanics

explain the biblical views

of twin souls, soul mates, and destiny


by Jason Silas Blackwell and Stella Hart

A twin soul relationship is beyond words... but with Metaphysics, you can make sense of it now!

The mysterious ideology of twin souls or twin flames is finally unleashed in philosophical exposition by full scientific illustrations and biblical references.

By Aristotelian Metaphysics, a 2017 book, Our Lives Are Connected elaborates 11 principles of Quantum Mechanics and Special Relativity in a code-breaking love affair...

It's a true story of a real-life couple who illustrated the nature of quantum particles by describing the biblical twin souls. They related more than 11 laws of Quantum Mechanics to describe a soul who found his/her match.

With this allegorical presentation, the Science and Philosophy hidden in the pages of the Bible are extracted and simplified, signifying the ubiquity of God's laws in the language of love.

It seemed that destiny had left the couple no choice but to figure out the mystery of transformation.

Cracking the Code: The Wonder of Aristotelian Metaphysics

Importance of Models and Representations

Are you going to throw your gold necklace away to the mockers or you will give them something to munch on? Or how will you explain to yourself an exceptional experience in a way that your spiritual root, the basic principles of life and nature are not besmirched?

We are not in the era of legend and mythology, we are already in the age of discovery, a time to substantiate the root of our beliefs and find meaning to the arcaneness of mysticism. The wonder of (Aristotelian) Metaphysics is, it allows us to "explore and extrapolate" the unthinkable. Since we can't directly describe the "unseen and unthinkable" in our plain language, those of us who have exceptional experiences or spiritual encounters may use "linguistics" or schemata by means of models and representations in order to walk the talk, and enact a metaphor that diametrically and dramatically showcases a deeper meaning of reality in the observance of the Law however complex every part of the Law’s topology is.

"Twin souls / Twin Flames", when contemplated in the Bible, offers a holographic wisdom...

Is there a way to describe or “rationalize” the unseen, immaterial, or the unthinkable without sounding religiously or mystically opinionated? Jesus’ parables, Einstein’s tarpaulin that describes gravity, billiard model of a gas, just to name a few “linguistics” that divulge an objective view on a phenomenon, a peculiarity, or an a posteriori knowledge.

With the newly released book, Our Lives Are Connected, you can already find answers to your twin flame curiosity and dilemma! This book offers a biblical way of presenting Physics and Metaphysics. Learn the logic of "twin souls" with the principles of Quantum Mechanics illustrated, a one way to also learn Quantum Mechanics quick! The challenge is to get a full view of the essence of 'soul', as an innate human being and not as an energy force of the universe.

"A modern Romeo and Juliet, only that they seem to be battling with the laws of heaven!" - Olga, Ukraine

Twin Souls in Biblical Perspective

"Twin souls” is not a biblical term but our purpose is to signify the biblical context, “the two are united as one”. Twin souls are two souls, but in spirit they are one, an image that signifies marriage and spiritual union. When Eve was fashioned from Adam’s body, it was one of way of “splitting” them into two bodies as two whole individuals that complement.

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Twin souls illustrated in Quantum Mechanics

The book, Our Lives Are Connected does not probe the nature of “soul” scientifically but expresses a unique form of physical representation using the principles of Quantum Mechanics to illustrate the nature of soul based on how soul is defined in the Bible. As an example, a twin soul connection is characterized on how wave interactions behave in superposition.

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Our Lives Are Connected

A Plea to Eternity

This is a true story about a couple who described their bond in Quantum Mechanics and Special Relativity. Their romantic meeting had a connection to a historic event in the 1700's.

In the mid-2008, a young man and woman met online, fell in love, and wind up spending 11 days together in the Philippines. The couple's holiday was more than a premonition; it opened an epiphany that allowed them to codify 11 laws of Quantum Mechanics describing their relationship, and later on discovered the Word of God in the algorithms... What's the issue?

Jason had become "conscious" about his character flaws. He's a better man with Stella and he wanted to be that kind of man she deserves or they will not work out. He wanted to achieve a life like the holiday they spent together or be unhappy forever.

Using the method of Aristotelian Metaphysics, Jason and Stella employed Quantum Mechanics in illustrating the nature of souls with the characteristics of light or quanta. Not a personal opinion, but by analogy of a code-breaking love affair, Our Lives Are Connected instigates the merging of Philosophy, Theology, and Physics that will sweep you off your feet, take you out on a date to an infinite universe, explore love in the cluster of stars, and escape a day to share forever. In this paradigmatic story, you will appreciate Physics and Theology in learning Superposition, Electrodynamics, Entanglement, Uncertainty Principle, Cryptography, Special Relativity, Teleportation, and more.

Excerpt from Chapter 14: Teleportation

When a photon splits in two and become entangled, the intensity they achieve will be alleviated in longer wavelengths equal to the energy of the original photon or source which was fired. It’s as if individually, they are empowered to merge in resemblance to their original form. It is a conservation of energy- in a higher degree.- p. 136

Excerpt from Chapter 10: The Binary of Yin and Yang

Salvation is like marriage. We don't perform our duties in order to be saved or in order to “save” the marriage. When our life is committed to the “contract of union”, we keep ourselves pure because we're already in it, because we always remember Him in all that we do. - p. 116

Soulmate Diaries

An epic collection of love notes that will drench your hardened feelings and slide you down your thoughts. True events recorded in 2013.

Falling in love can be easy but if love gets deeper and deeper, it will take you to an enormous inner battle...

Truly worth keeping, this book shares some downright off-the-record soul-searching events of true-life twin souls. We usually picture soul mate relationships as happy, fulfilled, romantic eternal love, but soul mates and twin souls have have their own share of tribulations- actually tougher, and twin souls face the toughest ordeals. If we could imagine the life of a person who has a soulmate, we may wonder how this individual or how every soul mate couple had survived and “made it”. From the lessons they have gained throughout every detachment that bestowed them a realization, “You make me a better person,” the readers of this book will have full-blown reminiscence! Soulmate Diaries is an epic narrative that offers beautiful moments. You won't need to skim pages to grope for a beautiful phrase to highlight. Every page of this book is captivating!

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